He Teaches What?

Doing History

Although content is a major part of learning history, applying it is the focus of my classes. Most of my students will not become historians, but by learning the craft of the history writers, I hope that my students gain the critical thinking skills to make their own history. 

History of the Americas is an advanced studies course designed to prepare students for IB exams in regional American History. It is organized by commonly used periods of study in U.S. history and incorporates comparative studies in Latin America and Canada based on themes, concepts, and skills. 

Year two of the IB history studies at Denton High School expands the scope to include the Western Hemisphere. Students who take these courses are encouraged to take the APUSH exam senior year, depending on their post-secondary options.


The AP World History Program is designed to provide students with the knowledge and skills they need to critically analyze world events and issues. It prepares high school students for intermediate and advanced college courses of the same or related areas of study by providing high student expectations and meaningful learning experiences. Students will not only learn about history, they will experience what it means to be an active, lifelong learner.