teacher. father. husband. friend.

Family is the most important thing to me. When I'm at home, my wife and kids are number one. When I'm at school, my students and colleagues are my family. As an educator, I get to do more than a job. Teaching is a profession that allows me to play an influential role in the lives of my students. It's an opportunity to build new relationships and strengthen community. 

My philosophy is based on the belief that we learn when connections are made with what we know. My management style is 80 percent Confucian (ethical decisions), 15 percent Taoist (balance with nature), and 5 percent Legalist (strict rules). These approaches help make it all about the students and their specific challengesSince learning happens at different rates and at different times, being available to students is something that helps reinforce expectations. 

As a musician for many years and a student of anthropology and other social sciences, my experiences have encouraged me to
rethink what we know about the world and its people. This has become the core of what guides the way I build relationships with students, parents, and other educators. I am dedicated to finding problems that will keep us from making progress in the classroom, at home, and in the community.


"Never settle for your present level of achievement."
Peter Tileston, m
y high school band director,
used to say this all the time.